Hi, I’m Maria

I’m super excited to be in Sheboygan, right on Lake Michigan! I moved here in November 2022 from the Southwest. I guess you could say I’m a bit of a climate refugee because I have seen firsthand what is happening in Arizona and Utah. I spent almost 30 years in the Wild West enjoying the warm sun, beautiful mountains, adventurous hiking trails, desert plants and animals, and most of all, the people. But I was willing to trade it all in to return back to family, the Kettle Moraine, and this great big amazing lake!

I am exploring all of the new, and old things that I missed growing up here, which is a lot! I am logging miles on the Ice Age Trail, learning to sail on Lake Michigan, discovering all of the beautiful wildflowers and local gardens, and anything else that can be done outdoors. I brought my skis with me so when there is fresh snow I love to head out to the cross country ski trails in Greenbush, WI. I am acclimating to the cooler, more humid (which I love) weather. This little spot in the world is definitely a piece of heaven and I feel so fortunate to live here.

I am a graphic designer by day, working with non-profit and eco-friendly small business owners on their branding and graphic design. I love, love, love doing this work as I feel like it’s my contribution to those working so hard to help the planet and all of her inhabitants. As you probably already understood, I love nature!

Besides design, I’m a yoga and ayurveda aficionado. Yoga has done miracles for my mind and body (cliché, I know!) and ayurveda is an all-natural medical system that is life’s little handbook for health and vitality. If you are interested in a private yoga session or an ayurvedic consult, please view our services.

So why open a Bed & Breakfast? Since buying this house, I realized it was a really really big house! I want to share this beautiful, peaceful location with others. I know how crazy life can be so I want to offer a cozy safe space for anyone wanting a retreat to relax, rebalance, and reconnect with nature. I want this to be an affordable option for everyone so I keep the prices lower than most lakefront rental properties. I started this business to promote peace and well-being.

So whether you need to get away, retreat, or just have a change of scenery, we are here for you!

Maria signature for AirBnB host

Airbnb host Maria with Coco and Ginger dogs

Vision Statement

Why the crazy name?

Many people look at me funny when I tell them the name of the bed & breakfast. Unfortunately effulgent isn’t much of a mainstream word, but there was no better definition for everything I saw and felt the first time I beheld a full moon rise over this Great Lake. There were a few clouds decorating the dark sky. The moon was still hovering over the eastern horizon as it spilled its luminescence atop the lake into a dazzling streak of effulgent moonlight. It took my breath away. I honor the beauty of the moon with this name.
Effulgent moon over Lake Michigan