All services and rates below are for our guests staying at The Effulgent Mermaid bed and breakfast.
** These are only available when we are on the premises during your visit. If you want to guarantee these options, please confirm at the time of booking, as we do travel from time to time. Please advise us of any food allergies or intolerances when you request meals.


The buffet and refrigerator are stocked with tea, coffee, creamer, non-dairy milk and other miscellaneous things. We have amazing pancakes, sometimes with chocolate chips. We also have organic eggs, sometimes right from the local farm. We also have many fruits, some in season from the farmers’ market or mom’s garden. Did I mention pancakes?


We love to make kitchery! This is an easily digestible “casserole” of mung beans and basmati rice, flavored with Indian spices, garlic and shredded coconut. If you would like to try some, just let us know.

Yoga Session

60-minute yoga $75
Enjoy a one-on-one yoga session inside or out on the porch, weather permitting. Includes yoga postures, breathing and chanting. We can work as hard as you like! Mats provided.

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Ayurveda Consult

90-minute balancing session $108
Learn about the natural cycles of yoga’s sister science, ayurveda. Ayurveda is a full medical system that can rebalance and heal through food selections, daily routine and lifestyle choices. Whether you are maintaining your existing health and seek longevity, struggle with health issues, or just feel a bit off, ayurveda is for everyone. In the session we review your current lifestyle and goals. From there you will learn some ayurvedic tips for your individual health. Together we create a daily routine and menu that can preserve and promote your health and vitality.

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Kitcheri & Ghee Cooking Class (Ayurveda)

120-minute class $108
Learn how to cook these ayurvedic staples for cleansing, nourishing and improved digestion. Kitcheri is a tasty rice and mung bean “casserole”. Ghee is refined butter, one of the most nourishing oils we can consume. Class includes lunch and a container of ghee to take with you.

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Retreat Package

5-day relax, reconnect, rejuvenate retreat $963
Enjoy time away to let go and find your inner peace. Disconnect from the electronics and reconnect to YOU!
Day 1: Arrival and settle in
Day 2: Morning yoga practice and Ayurveda class
Day 3: Morning yoga practice and Cooking class
Day 4: Morning yoga practice and Ayurveda consult
Day 5: Departure
You will have plenty of time to read, go for beach walks, hike, take a sailing class, get a massage, go the JMKAC art center and explore the area.
Includes teas, vegetarian breakfasts and dinners (8 meals total). Go out for lunches or cook at the house. Also includes ayurveda gift basket of products.
Price does not include your stay, please book on

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